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Feature Items

  • Bontrager Shock Pump

    Bontrager's Shock Pump keeps your suspension plush and right where it needs to be. It works with front forks and rear shocks and the angled head puts funky valves within… [more]

  • Bontrager Air Rush Road

    There's no reason to walk home when you have Bontrager's Air Rush Road pump. It's a clever 2-in-1 CO2 inflator and mini pump combo. Its compact size stows away in your… [more]

  • Trek Madone 3.1 - 2014

    For years now, Trek's Madones have set the standard for road cycling excellence, winning everything from local group rides to the Tour de France. The 3 Series continues… [more]

  • Bontrager Ion 1 Headlight

    Bontrager’s Ion 1 Headlight really brightens your way! Offering 3 white, environmentally friendly LEDs, this bright light is visible from 2,000 feet and gives you 270… [more]

  • Bontrager BackRack Deluxe L

    Bontrager's BackRack Deluxe L is made for mountain and hybrid bikes with frame sizes 18 inches and over, and road bike frames 54cm and over. This durable and light rack… [more]

  • Bontrager Ember Taillight

    Trek’s Ember Taillight is a convenient way to be more visible at night! This super-compact light has a single red LED that can be run in steady or flashing mode and can… [more]

  • Bontrager Air Support HP

    Bontrager's Air Support Road hand pump is a highly durable pump with a small volume chamber for quick inflation of higher-pressure tires up to 115 psi. The fold-out… [more]

  • Bontrager Flare 2 Taillight

    Bontrager’s Flare 2 Taillight offers great visibility. This all-weather light features six bright red LEDs that are visible from 3,000 feet across a 270-degree viewing… [more]

  • Trek Mystic 16 - 2014

    Trek's Mystic 16 offers fun style your little one will love with durability you'll appreciate! The bright colors, accessories and smart graphics are sure to catch her… [more]

  • Bontrager Flare 1 Taillight

    Bontrager’s Flare 1 Taillight provides essential visibility. This all-weather light features three red LEDs that are visible from 3,000 feet across a 270-degree viewing… [more]

  • Bontrager Node 2.1 Digital Computer

    Get up to, ahem, speed with the next generation of computers. Bontrager's Node 2.1 Digital Computer lets you train smarter with power, speed, cadence and distance on one… [more]

  • Bontrager BackRack Deluxe S

    Bontrager's BackRack Deluxe S is made for mountain and hybrid bikes with frame sizes 18 inches and under, and road bike frames 54cm and under. This durable and light… [more]

  • Bontrager Ion 2 Headlight

    Bontrager’s Ion 2 Headlight offers superb illumination for nighttime riding. Offering a 1-watt super-bright LED, this brilliant light is visible from 2,000 feet and… [more]

  • Bontrager Interchange ANT+ Cadence Sensor

    Bontrager's Interchange ANT+ Cadence Sensor is a cadence sensor that wirelessly transmits your data to a variety of ANT+ enabled receiving devices including Bontrager… [more]

  • Bontrager Trip 1

    How fast, how far, and how long? Bontrager's Trip 1 computer displays current, average, and maximum speed, current and total mileage, ride time, and a clock so you… [more]


Spring is here! Let our service department get your favorite bike ready for the trails or pavement!

Mountain Bikes at New Hope Cyclery!

< Rad. Gnarly. Sick. You've heard all the adjectives, so now go out and experience them with a mountain bike from New Hope Cyclery! We've got an awesome selection of mountain bikes to get you shredding singletrack today. No matter what kind of mountain biking you do, we'll help you choose the right ride for you. 
Take a look at our selection of cyclocross bikes and gear!
Take a look at our events calendar and join us for a bicycle ride! See our selection of mountain bikes! Bring your bicycle into us for upgrades and repairs!

Repair and Maintenance

The service department at New Hope Cyclery is ready to get your bicycle ready for Spring riding! From tune-ups to minor adjustments, we've got all your service needs covered. Book your tune-up today so your favorite ride is ready for the warm weather! Our Service Department

Trek Bicycles: Perfect Company!

Enjoy your road riding more than ever on Trek's Madone bicycle!

The sun's rays warm your back, the road stretches upward and all you hear is your rhythmic breathing and the soft whir of your tires over smooth asphalt. If this sounds like a great way to spend the morning, we recommend you check out our Trek road bicycles—they're the perfect company for your next adventure!

Bontrager Has Your Cycling Needs Covered

From innovative and reliable accessories for commuters, to premier components for racers, to cycling staples for every rider in-between, Bontrager offers a full line of choice bicycle parts, seats, wheels, clothing, accessories and more. Stop by New Hope Cyclery and pickup some Bontrager gear and all your rides will be even more fun!

Come Ride with Us!

Join New Hope Cyclery on one of these fun rides. Whether you are new to cycling or an old pro, there is a ride that's right for you.  All of these rides start at the New Hope Cyclery Parking Lot, 404 West Bridge Street, New Hope, PA 18938. or give us a call at 215-862-6888 if you have any questions.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

butted tubing
Bicycle frame tubes with variable wall thicknesses. Typically, the ends of the tubes, where stress is greatest, are thicker. This design saves weight while ensuring strength at the key stress points and weld (joint) zones. Butted frames usually offer a livelier ride, too.

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